McFarland Associates Ltd undertake structural assessments of existing buildings and structures to determine their existing capacity. Through our various Non Destructive Test (NDT) methods, we can determine an asset’s existing structural composition and condition and implement these findings to create detailed Finite Element Analysis (FEA) models.

Finite Element Analysis
Our FEA packages utilise computerised modelling to predict how a structure reacts to real-world forces such as: loading; temperature; vibration; heat; fluid flow; and other physical effects. FEA models help us to determine the response of structures to these forces and indicate whether a structure will fail or not; if strengthening within localised areas is required; if a strengthening option will work or not; and if a structure is performing as it was designed to.

Load Testing
We can supplement our assessments through load testing using a range of highly sensitive fibre optic sensors to determine the actual behaviour of structures. McFarland Associates Ltd are at the forefront of load testing capabilities and have supplemented our research through close links with local universities and other research bodies such as NIACE. We have invested considerably over the past number of years in a wide variety of sensors, data-logging equipment and analytical software packages.

We undertake load testing through various means including: water tanks; kentledge; and vehicles. We use load testing to determine the ability of a structure to carry current or additional loads. We also use it to establish the safety limits of structures; to validate strengthening; to gain knowledge of the behaviour of a structure; and to supplement, validate or refine analytical work models.